Privacy policy guidance

Privacy policy guidance

:: Collection, use purpose of personal information


① It identified in accordance with the service, real name verification, confirmation registering doctors, using the service age limit

② Disclaimer delivery, secure communication paths complaints, ensuring accurate shipping information when shipping goods

③ New services, such as up-to-date information and guidance material for the personalized service provided

④ Price Paid for payment information

⑤ Members poor illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention

⑥ Other seamless quality of service, etc.




:: Entry in the collected personal information to


① Name, social security number, date of birth, ID, password, email address, phone number, account number, IP information, and other selections





:: Personal information retention and availability


① In principle, provide or receive income without destroying aim at achieving personal information delay.

② However, you might have three months after the termination of the contract ID and social security number in order to prevent the recurrence of illegal use of a bad members.

③ If you need to be preserved by other laws, such as laws on consumer protection in e-commerce must preserve a certain period of time.